Why I do this.

My canvas is the city street; the concrete jungle. This is where life is tested. Man's architectural triumphs force us to navigate our lives using streets and alleys, and it is here where the fabric of life against the backdrop of brick and mortar provides texture and emotion for my images.  

I set out in each of my photography excursions to capture seemingly mundane or ordinary moments of everyday life.   My goal is to freeze life and share that frozen moment in time with the viewer. All around us our own lives and the movement of others are passing us by unnoticed. With my photographs I slow life down and share with the viewer an image that evokes not only an appreciation and respect for the simple everyday human action, but also draw an emotional response; a desire to complete someone else's story from a single frame; a story that is as unique as the photo itself. 

Charles Santora - Industrial Eye Photography