Black & White Street Photography

I tend to see the world in black and white when I'm photographing urban environments.  My black and white photographs not only have that classic and timeless look that I have always been attracted to, but the deep monochromatic tones gives the story within the photograph a bit of grit and drama; a very urban feel.    

Color Street Photography

Although I tend to see the world in black and white I also have a deep appreciation for scenes of vibrant color.  I will capture an image in color when I want to evoke a particular mood that I can not obtain through black and white tones.  There are simply those places in this world that demand to be displayed in all its colorful glory.       

Architecture Photography

The architectural triumphs that hover above us and interact so gracefully with our surroundings sometimes go unnoticed.  With my architectural photography I aim to capture these buildings and cityscapes by highlighting their dominance in the world around us.  I do this by emphasizing lines, angles and repeating patterns from a unique point of view in order to evoke a particular mood or emotion.   

Recent Projects

With each of my street projects my goal is to capture the true spirit of the city, its heart and soul, through a series of photographs.  I blend into the environment to capture those candid moments; getting up close to the subject to catch their emotion in that precious moment in time.  I'll take these photographs in well known areas, but I'm mostly drawn to the nooks and crannies of lesser known areas because its here that the city reveals its true identity; its unique character.